Wouldn’t it be amazing if living a healthy life were that easy? If all you had to do was live in the right zip code, you’d live longer and be healthier overall?

That would be great news for Bergen County residents. Our county has ranked 153rd out of the 500 healthiest areas according to a U.S. News and World Report analysis.

So, now all you have to do is move to Bergen County to get healthy, right?

It looks like that isn’t so far flung. According to research from the Aetna Foundation, where you live may have a greater impact on your wellbeing than your genetics! Aetna’s CEO, Mark T. Bertolini stated that 20% of health is determined by social factors and 40% is determined by your lifestyle. By choosing to live in an area like Bergen County, you’re doing something proactive for your overall health. You could actually see a marked improvement in your wellbeing by living in an area with a higher ranking based on their system of determinants.

Three thousand communities were surveyed for these rankings and judged based on ten varying criteria. Health, education, housing, and public safety were all determinants for these rankings. While the national average overall score was 52.3, Bergen County scored a much higher overall score of 75.4.

Life expectancy in the rest of the country is around 78 years of age but the average Bergen County resident lives to be 82.5 years old! Smoking rates, obesity rates, and diabetes prevalence all scored much lower than the national averages. Bergen County’s residents are showing that they are physically much healthier than much of the country.

Education also contributed to the rankings, and Bergen County scored much higher than the national median. At almost double the national average, the local per-pupil expenditures were considerably higher. Along with this, more than half of Bergen County residents hold advanced degrees, that’s almost double the national average of 27%.

Overall, it’s easy to see how Bergen County scored so high. Bergen County is the sixth healthiest county in all of New Jersey. We have plenty to be proud of based on these rankings.

While personal choices play into individual health, it’s possible to consider the choice of living in Bergen County as a choice that will help to improve your wellbeing. We’re pleased to hear of yet another honor for our county and are happy to see that we’re being recognized nationally for all that we have to offer here in Bergen County.