We hope your holiday week is off to a great start! Bergen County has fireworks displays and star-spangled celebrations happening throughout the county for you to enjoy. We have put together a one-stop-shop guide for you to find the perfect celebration (or multiple celebrations) for the whole family.

Join your friends and neighbors in wishing the USA a happy birthday in the best way we know how with these awesome events happening around Bergen County this week.

East Rutherford

Date- July 3 and 4

Time- 2:00 PM- 1:00 AM (Fireworks)

Location- State Fair Meadowlands


Date- July 4

Time- 9:00 AM (Flag Raising)

Location-Wilsey Square

Date- July 4

Time- 10:00 AM (Parade)

Location- South Monroe St. and Godwin Ave.

Date- July 4

Time- 6:00 PM (Fireworks)

Location- Veterans Field


Date- July 4

Time- 9:00 AM (Parade)

Location- Maywood, NJ


Date- July 4

Time- 8:30 AM (Field Events) at Recreation Park

Time- 7:30 PM (Fireworks and Concert) at Crestwood Lake


Date- July 4

Time- 9:00 AM (Parade)

Location- Oradell Ave. and Third Street


Date- July 4

Time- 9:00 AM (Parade)

Location- Century Rd. and Fairview Ave.

Date- July 7

Time- 8:00 PM (4th of July Softball Game)

Location- Cliff Gennarelli Sports Complex


Date- July 4

Time- 10:00 AM (Baby Parade)

Location- Lincoln Park


Date- July 4

Time- 10:00 AM (Community Celebration)

Location- Richard Rodda Community Center Parking Lot 

Saddle Brook

Date- July 3

Time- 9:15 PM (Fireworks)

Location- Saddle River County Park- Pehle Area


Date- July 4

Time- 9:30 PM (Fireworks)

Location- Overpeck Park


Date- July 4

Time- 7:15 (The Time Machine Band Performs)

Time- 9:15 (Fireworks)

Location- Focshini Park


Date- July 7

Time- 12:00 PM (All Star Softball Game to Benefit Ramsey VFW Post #12148)

Location- Finch Park Field

Date- July 7

Time- 6:30 PM (Concert and Fireworks)

Location- Finch Park Field 

From all of us at the BC Home Team, we hope your Independence Day is safe, happy, and tons of fun!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels